Google achieves Quantum Supremacy, again.

Today, Wednesday October 23rd 2019 Google announced that its quantum supercomputer named “Sycamore” achieved so-called “quantum computational supremacy” by solving a complex problem in 200 seconds that would take today’s most powerful supercomputer 10 000 of years to crack.

OK, actually today marks the day when Google PUBLISHED their results officially – in Nature magazine, and you can find their article here.

IBM‘s best shot at shooting down this achievement was by saying that some traditional (binary) supercomputers could’ve solved this problem in “only” 2.5 days.

Ok, IBM. Look, I don’t like Google as a company and have been disappointed over and over again with their blatant privacy violations, and increased overlordship in our lives.

BUT – making a quantum computer that solves a problem in a few minutes versus 2 days is still pretty fricking amazing.

For us visual folk, here’s a pic of Google Sycamore’s circuitry, which looks like a sweet piece of Steampunk.

Google Sycamore circuitry looks like Steampunk artwork.

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