About Us

Sentient Monster is a horizontally diversified, multi-lateral…. just kidding. Sentient Monster (SM) is just a little blog about artificial intelligence and related fields. We try to bring the often overwhelmingly technical topic of AI to the mainstream. Perhaps most importantly, we try to keep our articles easy to understand to the general public. SM publishes opinion pieces and as such what you read here should be taken with a grain of salt. We encourage you to question anything you read here – or anywhere online and offline, for that matter, and do your research so you can draw you own conclusions. 

Sentient Monster may feature guest articles and opinion pieces as well as comments from individuals who may be employed or otherwise attached to companies, Universities, or governments. Unless otherwise stated, assume anything published by that individual on Sentient Monster to be solely the personal opinion of that individual, and does not necessarily represent the opinion or policy of his or her company, University, or government.

Artificial Intelligence is a field of ever-changing sub- technologies, processes and ideas. Expect articles the be out of date not long after being published. 

We welcome any constructive feedback and suggestions. Contact us at hello@sentient.monster any time!